The Union of Biotechnology Research and Development Institude” – The mid – Autumn Celeration for Children

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Mid-Autumn festival is an occasion so that everybody shares their love to people. Mid-Autumn festival is taken place every year; however, it is not every year that we can receive love. Sharing our love to everyone, bringing smiles to children, contributing a warm atmosphere in full moon night, gathering at the dinner table and lighted lamp up, etc, are the purposes which we – the members of the community service group belonging to the Union of Biotechnology Research and Development Institute- wanted to give children through” the Mid-Autumn Celeration for Children” in 2015. This event was inherited, developed the traditional shared love, performed the humanities and humanitarian. Over one month, from the investigation where to celerate, searching for materials, contributing funs in the first times to the days we began making lanterns; the volunteers always kept their love and hope in heart about a Mid-Autumn which was warm, meaningful and loving.

Having passed over three kilometers ramp into alley, where the countryside, the volunteers who were eager and enthusiastic got connected their heart to cut down each big thorny bamboo and small thorny bamboo, then transported each piece of them to lantern workplace. After that, these thorny bamboos were cut into many short parts, splitted in half and chopped into a lot of bamboo bars, made it thin. They were combined into a star-shape and covered by the bright red papers. Utilizing pieces of used paper, the meticulous girls carefully cut flower-paper, leaves and decorative trim on every little star-lamp. Despite rain or shine, the volunteers still diligently worked step by step in order to complete the lanterns rapidly. Day 1 to Day 2, etc, and then a month had passed, there were 150 star lanterns, nearly 200 paper lanterns opened up in “The Mid-Autumn Celeration for Children” at 15h on 24/9/2015 and 25/9/2015.

The lanterns were arranged carefully and carried to Phu Thu secondary school and Ngo Huu Hanh primary school. These are schools which are in the countryside and have difficulties in many aspects, the children assembled to warmly greet the joyful celeration.


The volunteers transfered the indispensable things to these schools and started amusing the children. The celeration was begun after the sound of drum to salute the flag. The school’s leader lighted up the lantern to open “The Mid-Autumn Celeration for Children”. After playing, the volunteers gave gifts and lanterns for poor students.


The children’s sparking eyes looked the volunteers as though waiting for some special things.


With the lantern in hands, the children were excited and merry in the effervescent atmosphere.

In the evening, all of people paid their attention in the river and thought about the lighted illuminations. At night, together with sparkling light’s the lanterns were drifting in the river and the flyaway candlelight in the wind, these lanterns were pasted logo “The Union of Biotechnology Research and Development Institute and College of Aquaculture and Fisheries”. There were about 370 lanterns and 370 presents in two schools. In addition, nearly 80 presents and 30 lanterns were transfered to Homeless Children Club, Buu Tri Pagoda and Long An Pagoda to help the children here had full of happiness in mid-autumn night.

All of this success is due to the effort, dedication of the volunteers. Thankfor the sponsors, the teachers and the volunteers gave the more loving and meaningful full-moon night.

Articles and pictures: Tu Trinh- Van Nho (Biotechnology of Reseach and Development Institute).

Translated by: Thanh Van- Y Nhi

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